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Musicians - Ed Criswick

One of the founder members. Bass player (electric currently Ibanez - & acoustic - Hohner), as well as occasional backing vocalist.

Ed got switched on to a melodic style of bass playing through assiduous listening to Paul McCartney's bass lines for Beatles songs (when he - Ed that is - was very young...). In addition, the melodic forms of bass accompaniment to much of Bach's work, as well as tuneful bass vocal parts, reinforced his view that bass parts needn't be BORING! His hope is that you enjoy the bass lines in the albums; although not all our songs lend themselves to a melodic bass treatment, where they do he has tried to add a bit of extra fun to the part.

What else? Oh yes, other musical influences include Steeleye Span, B B King, John Mayall, Fairport Convention, other bluesy stuff (tried to persuade John that the folk/blues genre was worth developing). Other musical likes are manifold and varied, covering classical (instrumental and choral, but not chamber), jazz (but not modern), 'world' (especially African vocal). And much of Kid and Conundrum.

And finally, Ed is kept busy at other times by his involvement with Brockham Choral Society.


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