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Work in progress – Lucy Variations (Goatly)

For the Lucy Variations Bruce extracted the three pieces of incidental music he wrote for the video of Lucy Anna Martin and bridged them with two compilations of bits of business used in the song together with some new themes, trying to summarize the story in the space of four verses. The first extract sketches Lucy's arrival by steam train and departure on a steamship, her capture by the pirates, her escape and despatch of the sleeping pirate guard, her descent into the depths of the pirate ship, and the very start of the fight scene.

Bonus pieces: The music written for the credits started out too short (making the credits run unfeasibly fast), so it was lengthened for the video; the original, shorter version is given here, as are a couple of incomplete and unused fragments from the sequence after the song.

♫  Play an extract from the first bridge piece

♫  Play the original credits music

♫  Play an out-take from the final section

♫  Play an out-take from later in the final section


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