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Concert at St. George + St. Michael, Forest Hill, 22 November 2008

Our fourth concert at St. George's and the biggest production yet with the Church's full lighting gantry, some great lighting design by Nick Haseltine and even some back projection. Our thanks to everyone who helped with putting the rig up on Friday evening/Saturday morning and taking it down in double quick time on Saturday night after the concert. Without your help it couldn’t have happened—so thanks!

The concert was a great success and probably our best to date. It was basically the same set as at Christ Church and a second performance of the new songs. It also featured a special guest appearance of Zigga—the ancient rat—for the introduction of the unaccompanied song, Broadside, about the plague of 1665. I understand he now wants to hire an agent!

Photography by Simon Criswick.


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