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Concert at St. George's Church, Ashtead,
23 May 2014

On 23 May we played a concert at St. George's Church in Ashtead, Surrey, in aid of the Dell Project, a new building to provide facilities at their sister church, St. Giles. It all went very well and over £1100 was raised.
    Unfortunately, Alice had a throat infection and was unable to sing on the night, so her songs had to be covered by Dave and John. It was obviously very frustrating for Alice having to be on stage playing the autoharp and frog but unable to participate in the singing apart from some choruses.
    There was a lot of positive feedback from the audience and it would be great to play there again as it was such an enjoyable evening. We would like to thank Ian, Paul and Nathan for all their help with setting up and operating the church's sound and lighting systems for us.

Photography by Childe Rolande.


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