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Concert at St. George + St. Michael, Forest Hill, 18 November 2017

This was our second concert at St George's Church with the sideways stage configuration in the hall with tables and chairs in a more informal folk club setting. As before it worked really well and created a relaxed atmosphere for the evening's performance. We took the opportunity to debut a couple of completely new songs together with a number that have been in the repertoire for a while and which are in the process of being recorded for the new CD, which will be available early in 2018.

Our thanks to Sue on the sound, Robin and Ian for the lighting, and Denise and Anna for the refreshments and front of house for the church.

Set list: Captain Jack / On Board a 98 / Arabesque / Amongst the Roses / Electra / Hard Times of Old England / When Winter Walks / Thomas Winter / Phaedra / Byker Hill / Cursed Man o'War / Royal Oak / Stand and Deliver / Grymalkin / Blanche Heriot / Good Old Way / Icarus / There Was a Time / Darkside

It's soundcheck time:

It's concert time:

Photography by Childe Rolande.


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