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Phase 2 – First steps (1970–1974)

The first performance by Childe Rolande was three songs at the Crypt Folk Club at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London on Sunday 19th April, 1970. Following this short performance they were approached by the legendary Judith Piepe who invited the band to play at the original Marquee Club in Wardour Street on the coming Wednesday night.

In a short space of time following their first performance in April the band were becoming increasingly involved with the folk music scene and this had an effect on the members on the band who had to reassess where things were going. Shortly after the first Marquee gig Janet felt that it was all getting rather serious and decided to leave. By November Ian decided to leave and concentrate on becoming the sound engineer for the band.

In the months that followed the band played a number of times at the Crypt Folk Club gradually working up to second on the bill and finally featured as the main spot. There were also further appearances at the Marquee and other gigs around the capital and the band were starting to be known.

In 1971 the band provided music for the initial run of the play 'Alive' about the life of Jesus, produced and performed by members of the Crypt Folk Club. Ed and Dave continued their involvement with the play as it was taken out on the road to perform at other venues, Ed playing bass with the house band and Dave finally trading in the rhythm guitar for a pair of sandals and the part of Jesus.

In June 1973 Dave left the band and in May 1974 Linda left to get married and to move to Essex. This marks the end of the first steps of the band and the original members. It was obvious that things had to change if the band was to continue to develop. From now on new musicians would come into the band.


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