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Phase 5 – The medieval years (1986–1992), part 1

The band was again in need of an additional instrumentalist and an advert was again put in folk music magazines. The advert was answered by Frances Tucker (curtal/whistles), who had a background in folk dance and historic dance and costume. A number of dance tunes were soon added to the repertoire, together with some more early music influences, with John taking up hurdy-gurdy and dulcaine, and Frances adding pipe and tabor and bowed psaltery to the band's growing instrumentation. On rare occasions the band could even be seen performing in costume!

In June 1987 Alice Thacker (vocals) joined the band, a friend of Frances from her historic dance activities. The band continued to gig regularly at folk clubs and came third in Hobgoblin's Folkfinder Competition held at Ickworth Park in Suffolk.



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5. The medieval years
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