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Phase 6 – The studio years (1992–2000)

The band was yet again in need of an additional instrumentalist and once more turned to advertising in the local folk music magazines. The advert was answered by Max Rankin (fiddle/bagpipes) who joined the band in July 1992. Max's background was in dance music and he played regularly in ceilidh bands.

Although the band turned out in costume as strolling players at the Hampton Court Fair in September 1992, the musical direction of the band changed once again and rather than working on a new live performance repertoire with the new line-up the band concentrated totally on writing and recording an album of all new songs. The songwriting was more celtic in influence and Max's virtuosity enabled the songs to be fully realised musically. In 1996 the new album Foreign Land was completed. Copies were sent off to various record companies and an offer came in from KRL in Glasgow. The album was released worldwide on their Lochshore label in 1997.

John and Pat then set about writing new material for another album. In August 1999 Max decided that he wanted to concentrate on his other dance band projects and left the band. Work carried on with the start of recording the new material when tragically Pat Doherty died of a heart attack early in 2000.


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