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Phase 7 – A new beginning (2000–2007)

After a period of reflection following Pat's death the three remaining members decided to finish the album that had been started and recording was started again. Pat had only put his vocal on one track, 'Soft Shoe Step Dance', and it was decided to get as many people who had been associated with Childe Rolande over the years to come together to add the vocal chorus and add to the instrumental backing to his song. This emotional recording session took place on 11th November 2000. The album Wild Skies was finally completed and released on the band's own Horizonbound label in 2006.

The band had not been in a position to play live for a number of years, having focused their time on recording rather than working up a live performance repertoire. However, in 2004 John agreed to put a concert together for the first Festival being put on by the new St George's Church, which replaced the old Victorian Church that Ed, John, Pat and Dave had gone to when they had first put the band together over 30 years before.

John then realised that they needed to add some other musicians to be able to perform at the Festival to be held in April 2005. Just before Christmas 2004, John mentioned the prospective gig to Alice and Ed and also to Ed's wife, Romey, and to Dave Percy. All agreed to join in and early in 2005 frantic rehearsals took place to put together a concert repertoire.

On 17th April 2005 Childe Rolande played its first live gig for nearly 15 years. The concert went so well that they decided to hold another concert the following year. On 29th April 2006 they played their second concert. Late in 2006 it was decided to record an album to feature a number of the songs from the concert that were not available on previous recordings and a new CD, Ravensdaughter, was produced in time for their third concert, which took place on 28th April 2007. An open-air gig followed in August to help raise money for the 'Kids for Kids' project.


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