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Wild Skies

This, Childe Rolande's third album, offers an array of themes and musical styles, from the pop-rock, tongue-in-cheek 'Crazy', to the driving protest of 'Fire in the Sky', all bound together by the gently lyrical exploration of love in 'Arabesque' and of the inner life in 'Wild Skies'. This CD is particularly special to us because it includes the last vocal recording of Childe Rolande's late co-founder and lyricist, Patrick Doherty ('Soft Shoe Step Dance').

Wild Skies was recorded at our Salamonjay Studios and released on CD on our Horizonbound Records label in 2005. Following Pat's death in 2000 and the departure of Max Rankin, the songs are presented by the three remaining members of the band at that time.

The track notes are by John.

Ed Criswick acoustic and electric bass guitars, vocals
Alice Thacker vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, whistle, recorders, hammer dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, mandolin, vocals


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1. Arabesque 
2. Leanna 
3. Only Lullaby 
4. Decline and Fall 
5. Soft Shoe Step Dance 
6. St. Erth 
7. Crazy 
8. Fire in the Sky 
9. You Were There 
10. Forever 
11. Mines in the Fairway 
12. Lament 
13. Scrying Glass 
14. Wild Skies