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Earth, Wind, Fire & Rain

Earth, Wind, Fire & Rain contains thirteen tracks of new material written by John, mainly during the summer and autumn of 2007, and recorded extensively at Salamonjay Studios with additional material being added at 4CH and The Walnut Studio.

The graphics on the front of the album are Greek symbols for earth, air, fire and water.

This is the band's fifth album, released on CD in 2008.

The track notes are by John.

Ed Criswick acoustic and electric bass guitars, vocals
Bruce Goatly keyboards, vocals
Dave Percy guitar, vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, whistle, vocals
Alice Thacker vocals


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1. Stand and Deliver 
2. Film Noir 
3. Ritual 
4. Cursed Man o'War 
5. It Must Be... 
6. Coming Home 
7. Phaedra 
8. Broadside 
9. Eyam 
10. Tunes 
11. Waiting for You 
12. Storm 
13. Icarus