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Childe Rolande's current concert repertoire includes a number of songs which were written and originally performed during the group's early years but which have not previously been available on any album. It therefore seems an appropriate time for a retrospective view and on this new album, Ravensdaughter, we have brought together many of these early compositions alongside several traditional songs that have featured in our repertoire over the years. To round things off, there's even a relatively new song that didn't quite make it on to our last album!

This is the band's fourth album, released on CD in 2007.

The track notes are by John.

Ed Criswick acoustic and electric bass guitars, vocals
Romey Criswick vocals
Dave Percy guitar, vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, whistle, hammer dulcimer, symphony, keyboard, mandolin, vocals
Alice Thacker vocals


All text, images and music samples on this site are copyright © Childe Rolande.




1. Rise up St. George 
2. Shepherds Arise 
3. The Devil and the Soldiers 
4. Corvell's Fancy 
5. Perkin Warbeck 
6. Darkside 
7. The Ballad of Thomas Winter 
8. Pastime with Good Company 
9. Ravensdaughter 
10. Roses 
11. The Lailly Worm 
12. Dick's Delight/Dead Man's Fingers 
13. William of Ashleigh 
14. Nightmare Jack 
15. The Banks of the Nile 
16. Journey's End 
17. St. George's Anthem