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Ravensdaughter - Perkin Warbeck 

At the end of the Wars of the Roses, Perkin Warbeck was a pretender to the throne of King Henry VII. Backed by Margaret of York, Edward VI's sister, who wanted to get the House of York back on the throne, he made three attempts to invade and drum up support to help stake his claim. In 1495 he landed in Kent, in 1496 he tried in Scotland, and in 1497 he tried in Cornwall. All attempts failed and in 1498 he was captured. It was said that he had played the part for so long that he came to believe that he was Richard, Duke of York, right up to the time he was hanged.


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1. Rise up St. George 
2. Shepherds Arise 
3. The Devil and the Soldiers 
4. Corvell's Fancy 
5. Perkin Warbeck 
6. Darkside 
7. The Ballad of Thomas Winter 
8. Pastime with Good Company 
9. Ravensdaughter 
10. Roses 
11. The Lailly Worm 
12. Dick's Delight/Dead Man's Fingers 
13. William of Ashleigh 
14. Nightmare Jack 
15. The Banks of the Nile 
16. Journey's End 
17. St. George's Anthem