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Ravensdaughter - Corvell's Fancy

When we were at school and just starting out playing 60s covers in a pop group it seemed the done thing at the time to acquire a stage-name. Ed decided on Ed 'Corvell'. When, many years later, he wrote this instrumental it seemed appropriate to continue the tradition followed by countless folk tune writers and include his name in the tune title. Ed claims the tune came to him in a dream - the late night cheese sandwich has a lot to answer for!


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1. Rise up St. George 
2. Shepherds Arise 
3. The Devil and the Soldiers 
4. Corvell's Fancy 
5. Perkin Warbeck 
6. Darkside 
7. The Ballad of Thomas Winter 
8. Pastime with Good Company 
9. Ravensdaughter 
10. Roses 
11. The Lailly Worm 
12. Dick's Delight/Dead Man's Fingers 
13. William of Ashleigh 
14. Nightmare Jack 
15. The Banks of the Nile 
16. Journey's End 
17. St. George's Anthem