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Over the years, English traditional songs have played an important part in the bandís repertoire and this sixth album reflects this fact by the majority of the songs being drawn from the tradition. Some of the songs have been given new tunes and others have had choruses added – and that is the beauty of the tradition that, although they can be given wildly different musical treatments in each case, the strength of the original songs remains, which is why they have endured. And such great stories in which we can still find relevance today.

This is the band's sixth album, released on CD in 2012.

The track notes are by John.

Alice Thacker vocals
Bruce Goatly keyboards, vocals
Dave Percy guitar, vocals
Derek Hudson drums, percussion
Ed Criswick bass guitars, vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, symphony, vocals


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1. Staines Morris 
2. On Board a ‘98’ 
3. Blacksmith 
4. Polly on the Shore 
5. Barley Straw 
6. Our Captain Cried 
7. John Barleycorn 
8. Lowlands Low 
9. Lorelei 
10. A Thousand Ships 
11. Bold Astrologer 
12. Shadowfall 
13. Warp and Weft