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There was a Time
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There was a Time

Stories. And the good tunes, of course. But mainly the stories. They are what drew me to traditional songs in the first place. When you start delving into collections of songs you find there are some weird and wonderful goings-on going on. Tales of love, death and betrayal are there with reports of battles won and lost and acts of bravery. All human activity is there in the telling. As a songwriter I find that as years have gone on, more and more I want there to be a story to tell. Sometimes based on historical or mythological themes, other times they are pure invention. So this album has lots of stories. We hope you enjoy them.

This is the band's seventh album, released on CD in 2018.

The track notes are by John.

Alice Thacker autoharp, finger cymbals, vocals
Bruce Goatly keyboards, bowed psaltery, Tibetan singing bowl, vocals
Dave Percy guitar, vocals
Derek Hudson drums, percussion
Ed Criswick bass guitars, vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, hammer dulcimer, vocals


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1. There was a Time 
2. Grymalkin 
3. Byker Hill 
4. Ella was a Robber 
5. Amongst the Roses 
6. Captain Jack 
7. Hard Times of Old England 
8. Northfield 
9. Dear Elektra 
10. Lovely Joan 
11. Royal Oak 
12. Lucy Anna Martin 
13. The Good Old Way 
14. Landscape 
15. (Lucy Variations)