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There was a Time - (Lucy Variations) 
(Richards and Goatly)

This is a 'hidden' track on the album, so a few words of explanation may be helpful. Bruce wrote the incidental music for the YouTube video of Lucy Anna Martin. For this track he extracted the three incidental music cues and bridged them with two compilations of elements used in arranging the song together with some new themes, with the aim of summarizing the story in the space of four verses. Bruce has written fuller notes on the arrangement here.


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1. There was a Time 
2. Grymalkin 
3. Byker Hill 
4. Ella was a Robber 
5. Amongst the Roses 
6. Captain Jack 
7. Hard Times of Old England 
8. Northfield 
9. Dear Elektra 
10. Lovely Joan 
11. Royal Oak 
12. Lucy Anna Martin 
13. The Good Old Way 
14. Landscape 
15. (Lucy Variations)