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Foreign Land

A bit less of the 'medieval', while largely retaining our folk-rock character. Fiddle and Northumbrian pipes feature on this, our second album. With the changes in personnel shortly after the Long Last album the material was specially composed for this recording.

Foreign Land was recorded at our Salamonjay Studios, mixed at RMS Studios (there are pictures taken during the mixing sessions in Studio pics in the History section) and released on CD on KRL's Lochshore label in 1996.

The track notes are by John.

Ed Criswick electric and acoustic bass guitars, vocals
Pat Doherty guitars, vocals
Max Rankin fiddle, Northumbrian pipes, bagpipes, vocals
John Richards guitars, cittern, hurdy-gurdy, keyboards, mandolin, hammer dulcimer, whistle, vocals
Alice Thacker vocals


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1. Walk a Lonely Road 
2. Fair Wind 
3. Aranmor 
4. Just Landed 
5. Out of the Dream 
6. Game of Chance 
7. More Fool You 
8. The Time and the Tide 
9. Dead Reckoning 
10. Poison Pen 
11. Ghost 
12. Foreign Land