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Ravensdaughter - Roses 

I'm certainly no history buff but I've always had a fascination for the Wars of the Roses and a high regard for Richard III who had such bad reviews from the Tudors for his part in it all. No surprises really, history is written by the victors. I have visited Middleham where he was born and Bosworth Field where he met his end. I can even boast owning the boardgame, Kingmaker, based on the Wars of the Roses. Sad, or what?

For me the dynastic struggle between the Houses of York and Lancaster had a romantic air of chivalry, pageantry and heroism under the opposing banners of the red and white roses. However, the more I researched it the more I found that the truth was much darker and bloodier. The Wars started in 1455 and ended in 1487 and although not continuous encompass 32 years of treachery and carnage.

The song, written in 1981, compares the red and white of the Houses of Lancaster and York and reflects that a more appropriate colour would have been black. The song appeared on our first album, Long Last, but as it has regularly been in the repertoire of the new line up we wanted to record it again.


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