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Wild Skies - Soft Shoe Step Dance 

Pat takes lead vocal on this song and sadly it was the only contribution Pat made to the recording of this album before he died. A number of his friends came together to sing or to play on this track and I am sure he would have appreciated what they have added to this song. Pat and I always talked of having a brass band on this track and Daniel Golberg kindly multi-tracked trumpet, tuba and trumpet to fulfil this wish.


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1. Arabesque 
2. Leanna 
3. Only Lullaby 
4. Decline and Fall 
5. Soft Shoe Step Dance 
6. St. Erth 
7. Crazy 
8. Fire in the Sky 
9. You Were There 
10. Forever 
11. Mines in the Fairway 
12. Lament 
13. Scrying Glass 
14. Wild Skies