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Phase 9 – Here, there and everywhere (2009–2011)

Once the new line-up had rehearsed and recorded songs for the album Earth, Wind, Fire & Rain, the band had built up a sufficient repertoire with earlier material and started to look at taking their music to new places to raise money for a number of churches and charities. The first one was at Hunton Village Hall, in Kent, in aid of the charity GamBLE, which Derek and his wife, Clare, are heavily involved with, raising money to help run a school in The Gambia. The concert took place in May 2009.

In August 2009 the band travelled to Reigate and played a gig in the grounds of a large private residence raising money in aid of the Brigitte Trust.

In between performances the band held regular rehearsals at Derek’s house (but no longer in the loft). The pictures above (click to embiggen) are from one such occasion in April 2010, which took place around the time of Dave’s birthday—which explains the presence of the cake.

Following the success of the first concert at Hunton in 2009 the band returned for a second concert in May 2010, again in aid of the GamBLE charity.

The band finished their live performances of 2010 with a return concert at St. George’s to raise money for the church.

In March 2011 the band were off again, this time playing a concert to raise money for repair work at the church of All Saints Birling in Kent. The concert was well attended and a great success but is unfortunately remembered by the band for being the coldest venue we have ever played!

In August 2011 the band played a gig at a BBQ in Yalding to raise further money for the GamBLE charity. The weather was good and a good time was had by all.


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