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Phase 3 – New faces (1974–1981), part 1

With the departure of Linda the band decided that they could carry on without a drummer but that they needed a female vocalist. Ed's wife, Romey (née Dixon), who had successfully performed at the Crypt Folk Club on numerous occasions with Liz Cox, accepted the invitation to join the band and played her first gig with the band in November 1974. Unfortunately this line-up didn't last for long as in March 1975 Romey decided to leave the band. Whether this was because the band had just done two concert performances in one day, we are not sure. Once more the band was in need of a female vocalist.

The next line-up was the most settled in the band's existence up to that point, lasting for five years. In May 1975 Anne White, another friend from the Crypt, joined the band. Anne was active with a number of anti-war groups and the band started to play a number of benefit gigs in aid of CND and Human Rights in Chile and Argentina. At one benefit concert at the Croydon Warehouse the band shared the evening with a band called Dr Cosgill, and the gig holds the distinction that the combined band members outnumbered the audience. Still, the report in the papers stated that everyone else had missed a treat.



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